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After the 2016 election, I felt moved to get involved in social issues and resisting harmful policies. With a few friends from the Portland Society of Calligraphy, we decided to use our artistic talents to become Activist Scribes. We wrote postcards that offered messages of support and solidarity for critical issues in our country. In 2018, I joined to write friendly, handwritten reminders to targeted voters in key elections. I continue to advocate for equality for all, compassion for immigrants, and actively expressing love to all humans.  


Activist Postcards

2018-09-28 08.47.03.jpg

These postcards were created by me and my family in support of LGBTQ students at BYU. Those students were traumatized by behavioral policies being rescinded then reinstated. The first two postcards were designed by my daughter and the third by my son. I am proud to be a Mama Dragon! 


Protest Posters

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