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My experience with the artwork of Rachel Bancroft was delightful.  I had a specific quote that I wanted to display at the entrance of my home and I asked Rachel to do the lettering as well as add some artwork.  I submitted the quote and my idea of the colors I wanted her to use.  I thought that was enough information but Rachel wanted more specific information. She took time to match the colors of my room, as well as what style of calligraphy to use.  Together we created an idea, then Rachel went to work using her natural gift for art.  I was extremely pleased with the outcome and it was more then I expected.  I wasn't willing to settle for a generic piece of artwork from TJ Maxx, and I got the opposite, a beautiful unique piece of art that was specifically created to what the words in the quote meant to me and the artwork to match.  I am proud to display it in my home and allow its beauty to enlighten me and my guests. Thank you Rachel!

Rebecca C.

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