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I have been the blessed recipient of many Rachel Bancroft originals over the years.  I never cease to be amazed by her talent and thoughtfulness.  We have four pieces painted by her in our family room (one of which, when she gifted it to me, I assumed she had bought from a store and that it was printed on the piece of canvas, instead of hand-painted, so perfect was it), one in our kitchen (a saying painted on a 3 1/2' long piece of wood!) and one very special calligraphy piece in our bedroom that seems to have been custom made with a saying just for me.  As someone with no artistic ability, it is easy for me to appreciate the talent of artists but Rachel's talent is near and dear to me as I love the person she is and her goodness really comes through her work.  Each piece in my house is special and beautiful to me and I look forward to adding to our collection!

Memory B.

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